Who We Are

Our Mission

To recognize our wholeness, we need both the Feminine and the Masculine energies balanced: first within ourselves. When this occurs, a balance is naturally and effortlessly brought to our relationships, our lives, and ultimately our inner & outer world.

The mission of The Women’s Conference LA (WCLA) is to explore this active balance that supports healing and our personal evolution on the planet.

The WCLA is a two-day event that gives women the opportunity to reconnect with their history, their inner wisdom and themselves through education, participation, support, and empowerment.

* * * *

The Crew

Natalie Sojka: Founder

Throughout Natalie Sojka’s life she remains focused on one thing, how can she make a difference in people’s lives?  Natalie has studied many different forms of meditation, and has completed over 15 years of various self-development practices, communication and leadership training.  During this search of finding a fulfilling role in the world, she graduated with a BFA in Photography and a minor in Graphic Design and Communication from Rochester Institute of Technology.  She then relocated to Los Angeles where she sustained her own photography company for 7 years, working with clients such as Disney, Red Bull, Esquire Magazine, Inked Magazine, YMI Jeans, Lip Service Clothing, and Warner Bros. Records.  She later incorporated her organizational skills as an Assistant Coordinator on commercials in LA.

At the beginning of 2012, she began to see life through a different lens.  She began to notice that what we hold as women is valuable and essential to our world right now, thereby, she felt it important to understand, develop, and share.  Combining all of her training and experiences in life, Natalie set a strong intention to bring awareness to this emerging perspective through the creation of what she feels is her most exciting and fulfilling project yet, the Women’s Conference LA.  

* * * *

Julie Solomon: Sponsorship Coordinator

A native of Florida, Julie Solomon is active in the “green” community of Los Angeles where she strives to educate people on how they can live a more sustainable life. In March 2008 she saved a 94-year-old home from demolition and chose to remodel and showcase it with all ecologically sound products and processes. Her eco-renovation was filmed for Discovery’s eco-lifestyle channel, Planet Green and airs on their flagship show called “Greenovate.”

Julie founded a non-profit company called the Green Beacon Foundation (GBF) to serve as a community resource for the public to have tactile experiences of “going green,” by facilitating on-going workshops, lectures, tours and educational events on the property located in the historic neighborhood of Elysian Heights, Los Angeles, CA.

In addition, Julie is a professional Voice-Over Artist whose goal is to speak for the betterment of the planet.

* * * *

TonyaTonya King: Promotion Director

A circus performer turned designer and creator of QueenKing Designs, Tonya King is committed to elevating women through her craft of beautiful feathered creations for performers and artists.

Since becoming a mother, she has become an activist for children in the LAUSD school system and is now using her well honed promotional skills and design eye through her work with the WCLA.

Umbrellaed By/Shining Through

The Green Beacon Foundation
The Green Beacon Foundation (GBF) is a California tax-exempt, charitable & educational corporation whose mission is to serve as a community resource for the people of Los Angeles by encouraging and demonstrating applied sustainable living through workshops, lectures, tours and special events.

The collaboration between the mission of the WCLA and the GBF is to focus on living sustainably from the inside out. The WCLA is under the umbrella of the Green Beacon Foundation’s 501(c)(3) status, so any and all donations are tax deductible.

For more information, please email julie@womensconferencela.org