First of all, thank you for your involvement and support for the Women’s Conference LA.  We are still actively involved in the fulfillment of the intention of the WCLA to support the exploration and understanding of the feminine, and discover what is possible when the masculine & feminine energies are equally valued, and working together in harmony to create balance and oneness within.

At this time, the Women’s Conference LA, which was scheduled to happen on January 19th and 20th, 2013 is postponed indefinitely.  We regret any inconvenience this has caused and will update our website with new information regarding the Conference or upcoming events when we have it.

In the meantime, we will continue to grow and support our community!

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Welcome to the Women’s Conference LA!

We’re glad you’re here.

As women most of us have spent a greater portion of our lives focused on nurturing relationships with our partners, friends, families, and co-workers, often overlooking the relationship that is most important, our relationship to ourselves.

We often look outside of ourselves for love, security, support and happiness when ultimately, the only place we can rely on these experiences to be, whenever we need them there, is inside of us.

There is vital information we have yet to learn about women and our history, which is valuable and essential for us in understanding who we really are, what our gifts are, and the power we hold within.

Because we have been living in a patriarchy for centuries, we as women have been trying to fit ourselves into a structure that does not support who we really are and what we have to offer.

The Women’s Conference LA (WCLA) is a two-day event in Downtown Los Angeles where women of all ages, roles, jobs, financial brackets, styles, and interests will come together and connect to empower one another and value ourselves by understanding our history, our culture, our intuition, our love, and our nurturing qualities to assist in bringing more balance into the world.

The WCLA will encompass the exploration, knowledge, and understanding of the feminine to discover what is possible when the masculine & feminine energies are equally valued, and working together in harmony to create balance and oneness within.

We are choosing to focus on women this weekend because we will not find the rebalancing of the feminine until we return to the place we first met her: the female body.  By participating in exercises engaging your body, emotions, and mind, a newly discovered clarity and insight naturally arise.

Breaking New Ground

By uncovering the divine feminine in each of us, and in honoring our bodies and their sacredness, a natural and effortless confidence surfaces.

Women begin to connect and hear their inner voice, commonly referred to as “women’s intuition.”  When this happens, new ways of being and living present themselves, while the experiences of confusion and confrontation fall away.

A sense of authentic fulfillment arises as you begin making choices from your truth, and new possibilities become available.  By educating ourselves about, and by experiencing our masculine and feminine energy beginning to work together in balance, we find ourselves feeling whole and complete.

We are able to experience new levels of relationships with our partners, loved-ones, co-workers, and our world.  We will move from Suffering to Celebration, from Opponents to Teams, from Competition to Partnership, Hierarchy to Equality taking us in a more balanced, harmonious and inspiring direction.

Join us for an amazing week-end of self empowerment!

Discover Your Truth.  You are the Solution.



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